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Do I need to do this?????????




Honestly, it’s really up to you.  Opposite you will find and example of the before and after. That being said, it does make a difference.  If you are going to use a service or do it yourself BE CAREFUL not to go overboard!!!  The key to a good edit is making it look like it hasn’t been touched!  Headshots have to LOOK LIKE YOU.  Things that are permanent need to stay right where they are.  Imperfections can be lightened or minimized but never removed.  If you own it and it will go in to the audition room with you, it stays on your headshot!  So let’s call it ENHANCING instead of retouching.  What I do:


Balance the color.

Pump the contrast.

Whiten the whites and darken the darks.

Lighten under eyes.

Take the red out of eyes.

Even out skin tone.

Minimize deep lines and zap zits.

Fix funky hairs.

You get the idea . . . . . 


I do not edit other photographers’ work.

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