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Kristine Canterbury is one of the top rated HEADSHOT photographers in Texas.  In addition to talent headshots, Kristine’s work also includes COMMERCIAL / EDITORIAL photography which is largely used for talent portfolios, and entertainment promotion.  Many of her clients are successful not only in their local talent markets, but the national market as well.  Her talent have appeared in major feature films, episodic television and national commercials.  Several of her clients are also recording artist.


While Kristine has a very gifted eye for composition, color and lighting, she is best known for her ability to create a comfortable atmosphere and rapport that draws the client(s) in and allows the essence of their personality to be captured.  Kristine converses with her client(s) until their interactions create the perfect candid moment. Kristine focuses on quality rather then quantity which is why her appointment schedule is very limited. She will only book a few appointments a day.  This assures that there is time to visit and never a necessity to rush a sitting.  Kristine has the ability to make every client feel special. This explains why Kristine is so successful with her word of mouth business and why her customers always return to her for their photographic needs.

Photo By: Rusty Canterbury



ACTOR: Chris Pratt

DIRECTOR: Quentin Tarantino

MOVIE: Shawshank Redemption

COLOR: Green


FOOD: Cheese

DRINK: Coffee (or Wine)


Carly Canterbury is a Chin-Pin (Chihuahua and Miniature Pincher mix).  Carly was rescued (on death row at the pound) in April of 2015 by a foster from K-9 Angles. She was just a baby and her beginnings were very rough. Carly was sickly and had broken hind legs.  I adopted Carly in May of 2015 (after being nursed back to health by her foster mom).  She has since undergone hind leg knee surgery on both legs and now runs like a deer. Carly has "facial expressions" and is pure love.  We celebrate her birthday on Valentine's Day each year. 


Carly is the best studio assistant in the business.  If you are allergic to dogs, please do let me know.  I will make sure to give Carly a job at the house that day instead of at the studio.

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