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How do I make an appointment?



What should I bring?

For each look, bring 2 outfits.  I will choose.  Layers are fantastic because they can extend a look.  Don’t be afraid to over bring.  I have a rolling rack.

Do I really need to hire a makeup artist?

For Headshots, you have to look like “you” in your photos.  It is so important that you can duplicate your look.  If you can do your hair and makeup yourself, that might be best.  I will always tweak.  If you are not comfortable with that then, by all means, hire a stylist.  I have a few listed in the resources section.  Be advised, a stylist at the sitting requires an extended sitting additional fee for me ($20.00/look) and the stylist fee is not included in my fee.  Their fee will have to be negotiate and paid for separately.


What is a LOOK, how long will the sitting take and how many pictures to you take?

A look is, essentially, a change in clothing and (maybe) a tweak in hair style.  WE WILL COVER BOTH THEATRICAL AND COMMERCIAL with every look.  Layers (sweaters, jackets, etc.) maximize your looks.  Plan on 20-30 minutes per look without a stylist and 45 minutes per look with one.  Each look will generate 75+ images.


Who can I bring to my sitting?

In this case, less is more.  I strongly advise against bring the entire family.  Best to have one adult per child.  More could be a distraction.  Also, I don’t mind if the parent watches me shoot as long as the child is okay with it.


Can I borrow clothes from a boutique in exchange for their use of the photos in their advertising?

You can certainly borrow the clothes, but the boutique would not be allowed to use the photos UNLESS you purchased a “work for hire” contract.  If the boutique uses the photos without permission from me or your “work for hire”, I will be seeking damages from both you and the boutique.  See below for more information on usage.


Will we be taking pictures outdoors?

Yes. I have several cool backgrounds and all of them are under cover in the event of rain.


How long before I get to see my pictures?

I am usually very quick but I give myself a 7 day deadline to load up to DROPBOX.  Holidays may cause delays.


What is DROPBOX?

DROPBOX is an online storage site.  It is fabulous.  You will be able to manage your photos right from the site or merely download the full resolution photos to your computer and never use the site again.  In any event, it is the fastest and most efficient way to get the photos to you and it is easy to use.  Check your junk folder, however, because the invitation to join comes from DROPBOX, not me. Oh, and, there is also an APP for that :)!


Should I have my photos re-touched?

Let’s call it enhancing.  We are not going to change the things that you own, just make things look better and make the things we are not the fondest of not stand out.  Color and contrast will be adjusted, skin smoothed, hairs across the face removed, and I will make the eyes pop.  Not everyone needs enhancing.  Children might not.  It’s your call.  If you do it yourself, do not go overboard.  If you can tell a photo is enhanced, a poor job was done.  It needs to look very natural.


Where can I get the photos printed for headshots?

I have referred 3 labs on my resources page.  Their are several more in LA.  THE PHOTO LAB, however, has all of my templates with the appropriate photographer credit right on them.  They also know what I expect and exactly how to crop, and the color tones that I like.



Can I print the photos up for headshots?

ABSOLUTELY!!!  That is the purpose, after all.  It is preferable to give PHOTOGRAPHER CREDIT on the headshot.  You should  do this but I am not going to be mad at you if the lab doesn’t do it.


Can I print the photos for my family?

You bet!  Have at it.  Print them up and give them as gifts!!!!


Can I print these photos for my senior graduation announcements?

Of course.  LOVE IT.  No photographer credit needed (unless you want to).


Can I use these photos in my yearbook?

Please do.  No photographer credit necessary (I don’t think it’s possible anyway).


Can I use the photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.?

Yes, but be careful with this one.  IF IT IS PUBLIC, GIVE PHOTOGRAPHER CREDIT.  On personal Facebook pages, credit is not necessary, but for a public profile that you “like”, you MUST give credit.  This actually PROTECTS you.  I will explain more below.


Can I use the photos on my Website?

Yes, but GIVE PHOTOGRAPHER CREDIT.  You can artistically alter the photos for graphic layouts etc. on your personal website, but a third party website can not artistically alter the photos without my permission which I usually give (depending on the type of website).


Can I post these photos on IMDb?

I expect you to use these photos on IMDb.  What is nice is that IMDb provides a way to GIVE THE REQUIRED PHOTOGRAPHER CREDIT.   IMDb is a public site and they know and follow Federal Copyright Law.


Can I post these photos on Actors Access and other casting websites?

You are supposed to!!  These are not public sites.  No photographer credit necessary.  I don’t think it is possible anyway.


Can I give the photos to Variety (or other trade periodicals) to publish with an article about me?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes but you need to tell them to GIVE PHOTOGRAPHER CREDIT. If you have photographer credit on IMDb and the publication still doesn’t give credit (many times they search online for photos and use what they can grab), I am not going to be mad at you at all LOL. 


Can I use these photos for album art work?

On a demo, yes, with PHOTOGRAPHER CREDIT.  On an album that is for sale, we will have to talk further about the platforms (iTunes, CD, etc).  PHOTOGRAPHER CREDIT will be required. 


Can I give these photos to a magazine or newspaper for publication?

You can BUT, they must GIVE PHOTOGRAPHER CREDIT.  If they alter the photo artistically for a layout or use it beyond the scope of what is expected they must get permission, give credit and there will possibly be a buyout fee.  After all, they are avoiding spending money on a photo shoot.


But I paid you?  Why don’t I own the photos outright?

Good question!!!!!!!!!  Most people don’t realize that Federal Law provides that the photographer owns the images even when the photographer is paid to take them.  Photos are considered original art that is conceptualized by the photographer.  Therefore the rights belong to the photographer until the photographer gives them away.  Many photographers don’t realize this either.  If you take pictures with a photographer and he/she just hands over a disk without some kind of release, limited or otherwise, you can’t do anything with the photos.  Unless you contract “work for hire” (think still photographer on a movie set or one that does work for a store), you will get a limited release from me.  IT IS FOR MY PROTECTION AND YOURS.  You don’t want your photos ending up on random (bad) websites or used in ads that you didn’t get paid for, and I don’t want my artistic vision altered or other photographers getting credit for my work (yes, this has all happened).  If you have further questions, shoot me an EMAIL.

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