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It is easiest REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT online.  To keep costs down for my customers, I have not hired an assistant to take calls or book my appointments.  Therefore, it is difficult to reach me by phone!!!!!!!! 


I schedule appointments Monday thru Friday from 10:00-4:00. I have these appointment times lined out to take full advantage of the natural light available both indoor and outdoor at my studio.  


Many parents are concerned about taking their children out of school for a sitting. Ask your self, “Would you take your child out of school for a big audition?” Request a time that best works around their academic schedule during school. 


A $100.00 Non-refundable booking fee payable by credit card may be due after you book your sitting (primarily Houston sittings).  I will email you an invoice with a link to make payment. THE DEPOSIT IS APPLIED TOWARDS THE SITTING FEE.  I can waive this at my discretion. 



Payment may be made by cash, check, credit card or debit card at the time of the sitting.  PLEASE NOTE: If you want a stylist, you will book and pay him/her independent from me.
You may not reschedule your sitting with less than 72 hours notice. If you reschedule in a timely manner, your $100.00 booking fee will carry over to the new sitting time. If you absolutely need to reschedule within the 72 hours before your sitting, you will be charged a $25.00 reschedule fee.

If you are a working model or actor, please make sure to let your agency know that you will not be available during the time of your sitting. If your agent calls you for a job and you cancel your appointment with me with less than 72 hours, the cancellation and reschedule policies will apply.

Accidents and illnesses happen.  Although I understand this, it is hard to tell when someone really has a problem or is just trying to get out of their financial obligation. Cancellation and reschedule policies apply regardless of the situation or reason.


If you have to cancel your sitting without rescheduling, you will loose your $100.00 booking fee.  If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice, you will be charged for a two look sitting. This applies to a “NO SHOW” as well.

The only exception to the 72 hour rule is the weather. I use both natural and studio lighting for a sitting. I can still shoot at capacity on an overcast day. If it is raining HARD with potential flooding, I will be the one to make the call on a cancellation and I will reschedule for the next available sitting.

Please don’t be late for your sitting. I don’t like to be rushed and want to give you the most relaxed environment. If you are 15 minutes late or more, you will be charged a $25.00 late fee. If you are over 30 minutes late, you are considered a "NO SHOW" and charged for a 2 look sitting.  Maps and directions can be found on my LOCATIONS page.   Plan ahead on getting to the studio on time. If you are early and I am in the studio and not with a client, we can probably start a little early. If you come early and see that I am with another client, please WAIT until your time before coming in so that the other client does not feel rushed.


After your sitting, unedited high resolution images will be transferred to you from a download link within (14) fourteen business days (M-F). The transfer link will be emailed to you directly from me.  I will set up an online viewing gallery if you are represented in LA or if your agency requires it.  The gallery will be accessible for one month only. If represented, you will need to consult with your agent on photo selections.  You will receive (1) one image per paid look retouched and cropped (10x10, 8x10, 5x7 and original ratio crop).  I will need to be notified by you of the selection choice file numbers by EMAIL. Turn around is approximately 14 business days (M-F). Additional retouching and crops are $20.00 per image. I will send you an invoice with a payment link.   Turn around times are based on workload and I process everything in the order received unless a rush fee is paid.


If a re-shoot is required for technical reasons, there will be no charge.  Re-shoots requested for any other reason will cost $2.00 per exposure (i.e. $100.00 for 50 exposures) with a minimum of 25 exposures. Re-shoots will not include hair & make-up costs (except technical). All re-shoot requests must be made within 2 weeks of original shoot date. 


CANTERBURY PHOTOGRAPHY and KRISTINE CANTERBURY retain all copyright ownership of the images taken in the sitting.  A limited release is grated.  A “Work for Hire” contract is available.  Please read the following for further information:  COPYRIGHT INFORMATION

*  Headshot / Editorial sittings only
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